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Transport & Logistics

No roaming charges, No fear of satellite unavailability. Starting with GPSTRAQER, everywhere in the world. If you run a business in the…

Construction Industry

Intelligent gps tracking for construction site equipment A lot of heavy and expensive machinery is utilised daily at construction sites…

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Monitor your vehicle around the clock everywhere Vehicle theft is on the rise; with statistics showing that at least one car is stolen…


Worldwide & unlimited Flatrate

Unlimited data transfer is not easy to find in any country’s telecommunication networks, leave alone international transfers…

GPS & Cell Triangulation

As institutions increasingly rely on GPS systems to track their moving assets and goods, there is an equally increasing worry that…

Global Roaming Sim

GPS Tracking Providers will normally give you a sim card that only works when your local mobile phone network is also operational…




Awesome, we love the app, it is so handy and keeps us always connected!

Huda Almahed

For my Rolls Royce Phantom Series II EWB, Ferrari F12, and Ferrari 458 Italia there is only one guard,

Josh Cartu