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Pricing – Cross Border GPS Tracking

Our GPS Vehicle/Asset Tracking bundles provide the broadest and most comprehensive cross border wireless coverage across Africa supporting 52 African countries!. Our unique bundle offering address all the major challenges in the African market.  It is designed to keep your assets tracked in the most remote regions, whilst costing you less.

Regardless in which African country your vehicles or assets are and how much data volume your GPS units consume, a Pan-African Data Plan is our promise, no roaming bill shocks, and no geographical restrictions. Track your units across Africa every where in real time for a monthly subscription fee fixed including Data Roaming across Africa + modern GPS Portal + iOS/Android Apps.

Beside GPS as positioning technology, Cell Triangulation is deployed as backup in case GPS signal reception is lost due to poor data coverage or due to GPS Jammers. Our patented positioning technology ensures real time tracking even in remote and rural regions.

A modern user-friendly GPS Tracking Portal (GPSTRAQER.COM), which conveys the entire control of your assets 24 x 7 x 365 via Desktop, iOS or Android App respectively at your convenience. Fuel level monitoring, video surveillance, overspeeding-, geofencing, etc. alerts via SMS, email, voice or push notification over app are few of our supported features.

Our M2M Sim enables one single device configuration (Global APN) for deployment in the entire world. M2M Sims provide fully managed connectivity to the world’s most expansive cellular networks. No need for dual or multi sim trackers anymore! One Sim for the world!

Monthly Prepaid Bundles in USD including Free Data Roaming Sim + Online GPS Portal + IOS/Android App

Territory/Coverage Number of Active Units
1 – 100 100 – 500 > 500
Global 12.90 10.90 8.90
Pan Africa 6.50 5.50 5.00

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